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Back in Raleigh...

Raleigh Home Summer 2010 Google's Streetview

Well, since April 5th I'm back in Raleigh for awhile. And the weather isn't even that much different from Belgium - unfortunately. The good news about all the rain: everything is green... if you do a quick compare of the new picture on the left (Spring 2010) with the picture on Google's Streetview (on the right, impressive amount of detail on this free map service !) you will immediately notice that the summertime brings a bit warmer and dryer weather (and that the bushes have grown :-).

Because of moving back to Raleigh for a number of weeks, I missed the Bifff's annual Zombie Day Parade... Fortunately Wim was there to take a pictures - check them out !




Shiver.. and click here for my pictures of Zombie Day 2009:

Zombie Day 2009 Picture

PS: it is not too late yet to visit the BiFFF and watch a "fantastic" movie... completely free ! The Biff runs through April 20, 2010. Free entry tickets to the BiFFF movies are easy to come by : if you have a non-winning Euromillions ticket, you can exchange it for a free movie ticket - no kidding. Click here for more information.