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Well... here is a new years resolution and a new target for 2013

When 2012 started, I challenged myself to step up my running performance - and set a goal of 10km per week for the year... or stated in a different way: target 500km in 2012. So how did I do ? And what's up for 2013 ?

On the bright side... I did step it up. But I fell way short of the target - and didn't come close to meet the 500km challenge. In fact, I did just about half (247km) as you can see from the graph above. But, I did compete in my first half marathon run - and did finish the 21km run in 2 hours and 17 minutes.

But then we moved to Dallas, Texas, USA. I did pick my training again (see my first run in Texas and even competed in a 5K charity run, but then the warmer temperatures got the better of me and I basically did not do any runs over the summer - picking it back up in the fall.

So... mixed results at best.

Conclusion... repeat the same challenge for 2013. Do an average of 10km per week - totaling to 500km for the year. And yes, in Texas - so deal with the summer temperatures. With that New Year resolution I started a week ago - and as everyone I at least kept up with the promises to myself in the first week of the year:

nike 2013 week 01

And now: keep it up for the rest of the year - do a better job than in 2012 !

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Falling short of my new years

Falling short of my new years resolution seems a given now... On November 10th I managed to total 278km for the year - against my goal of 500km. So I guess it is a fair assumption that I will not make it...

However, there is a silver lining... Today I did post my best 10km time...


And my not so pretty full year picture (only runs performed with iphone/itouch and Nike App)


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August 2013... and falling a

August 2013... and falling a bit behind on the target...

20130809 nike profile status

Year to date, 203km - so starting to fall short of the 500k target for the year...

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iPhone instead of iPod...

iPhone instead of iPod...

Recently I switched running-partner... Instead of doing my runs with my iPod Nano I started to use my iPhone 4S. The Nano needed a sensor in my Nike running shoes in order to measure my performance - the iPhone 4S uses its build-in location services to determine the distance.

In both cases, I used the Nike+ application - pre-loaded on the Nano device, and available for free in the iTunes store for iPhone users.

Below is a screen cap from a run with the iPhone... not only do you get a report of the distance, speed, etc. but the app also maps out your entire run on top of the location map ! Quite impressive:

nikeplus iphone run report

The map is color coded to see the changing speed as you moved along the track - impressive.

The only issue... the distance reported for exactly the same track was 9.5km on the iPod and 8.5km on the iPhone... that is more than a 10% difference... so, who is right ?