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Assisting with a wedding @ Brussels Zombie Parade 2012

zombie day 2012 wedding
7th of April was the fourth Brussels Zombie Parade... and just like last year I couldn't resist... Click here to read more »

Travel Packing List - Check list of things you do not wat to forget

The list below is one I use as a check list - just before closing up my bags and make the trip to the airport. Every item on this list is worth considering to take it with you - depending on which kind of trip you are going...

Corkscrew. Few hotel rooms carry them, and sometimes it is just way easier (and cheaper ! and better !) to get a bottle of fine wine from a local store than to order it from room service. Click here to read more »

Rainbows over Brussels

Rainbows over Brussels Rainbow Sheraton Brussels

The Belgian Summer 2011 has not been very nice - to say the least. But the combination of plenty of rain with the occasional ray of sunshine does make for some great photo opportunities. The above pictures were taken on Sunday September 11th 2011, from the balcony of our apartment in downtown Brussels. Click the pictures to enlarge or Click here to read more »

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