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Everything is big at the Texas State Fair

bigtex at the Texas State Fairgrounds

Once a year the State Fairgrounds in Dallas are being used for what they were once made out to exist: they Texas State Fair. Four weeks of thrill rides, concerts, and... fried food. This year's winner: fried Jambalaya. The picture shows the State Fair icon BigTex - 52 foot tall.

Mr. BigTex is 60 years old this - he started his career in 1952 and has been the easy to spot meeting point at the main entrance ever since. On the picture you also see the Cotton Bowl - in the middle of the State Fair they do play a few football games adding 80,000 people to the fair crowd...

Every year the food contest highlights the very best new finding in the world of deepfrying. And after the fried snickers, fried beer, fried twinkies, ... this year's winner is the fried Jambalaya - for just $4 you get a single ball of deep fried Jambalaya...

The idea that everything is

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Big Tex No More Nope,

Big Tex No More




Nope, these aren't pictures from the Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert... these pictures were taken Friday October 19th at the Texas Fairgrounds, and show Big Tex going up in flames... an early retirement.

So... let's start building a bigger and bolder new Big Tex for next year's State Fair !