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Travel Packing List - Check list of things you do not wat to forget

The list below is one I use as a check list - just before closing up my bags and make the trip to the airport. Every item on this list is worth considering to take it with you - depending on which kind of trip you are going...

Corkscrew. Few hotel rooms carry them, and sometimes it is just way easier (and cheaper ! and better !) to get a bottle of fine wine from a local store than to order it from room service.

Ziplock bags. Always come in handy - especially in handlugage. Wrap this little something which might leak. Combine those medicines/pills in a small plastic bag. Pack the remainder of these cookies airtight, ...

Sunglasses. You get into your rental car, and you can't see a thing - did you bring your sunglasses ?

Hat. If you have few hairs left, like I do, you want to carry a baseball cap or something simular. Just in case you are standing out and about and the sun rays decide to hit on you.

Plugs. What kind of electricity plugs do they have where you are traveling to ? Do you need a plug convertor - or worse, a voltage convertor ? Plug convertors between US and EUR plugs are cheap when you buy them in a normal grocery store (or a dollar store) - and very expensive when you buy them at the airport or in a hotel. Guess where most people buy them ? Right.

Sunscreen. Bug spray. You can buy these anywhere - just not when you need them most urgently. So take a small bottle with you if you are going to a sunny place !