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Ozark Henry at AB [September 26th, 2011]

Ozark Henry AB Brussels 4mains

Cut away all the synths, guitars and other instruments, only keep the essential melodies and play them using two pianos and four hands... That's what Ozark Henry, alias Piet Goddaer, set out to do at Ozark Henry 4 Hands - September 26th, 2011 - Brussels, AB. But it ended up being a bit less exciting than expected. Click here to read more »

Downtown Brussels Summer Music Festival [August 12-21, 2011]

Brussels Summer Festival 2011
Every city has its summer festival, and so has Brussels - and this year's Brussels; Summer Festival line-up is just impressive (especially compared with the ticket price: only 30 Euro to see all concerts !): Balthazar, Ozark Henry, K's Chocie, Hooverphonic, Jamie Cullum, Stromae, Ann Pierle, De La Soul, ... Click here to read more »

Celebrating the Flemish Day in Brussels [July 11th, 2011]

feestinbrussel gulden ontsporing 11 juli Daytime Grote Markt 11 July 2011 Nighttime Grote Markt 11 July 2011
Belgium is a pretty complicated country... Our National Holiday is on July 21st, but every region has it's own Celebration Day. For the Flemish Region, that's July 11th - and traditionally the day concludes with a big concet at the Brussels Grand Market Place. Oh, wait, Brussels really isn't part of the Flemish Region, right ? This gets complicated... Click here to read more »

Almost 200 minutes of his Royal Purple Highness Prince [Ghent, July 6th 2011]

prince belgium gent july 6 2011
More than 14,000 people enjoyed a great Prince concert in downtown Ghent - and I was more than happy to be one of them. Few artists play with such eagerness, even less are able to deliver such an energy packed 3 hours show - and personally drive their band (and the fans) to make it a one of a kind experience (rather than to rely on special effects and distractions). Bonus: Prince introduced us to his new girlfriend Andy Allo - an LA based singer-songwriter. Click here to read more »

The new Paparazzi [the American Dream instigated by Fox Networks]

Michael Greyson's version Pararazzi Here's the story: 12-year old Michael Greyson performs Lady Gaga's Paparazzi at his Sixth Grade School event - an impressive piano driven cover. Solo, in front of his classmates. Someone records it on mobile video, about one million people go look at it on YouTube, and the Fox Networks decides to give this video a spot on their 10pm news. The result: just three days later the online video has 13 million views (and counting), Michael is invited at talkshows, and lives the American Dream. Click here to read more »

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