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Downtown Brussels Summer Music Festival [August 12-21, 2011]

Brussels Summer Festival 2011
Brussels' Summer Festival 2011 has plenty of music concerts along with some side shows and accessible museums. Ten days in a row, the city will buzz with the energy of performances on various open-air stages - complemented by special events (including a burlesque show!) in selected indoor venues (BIP, Cafe Central, Cinematek, ...). And all of these events are accessible with a single 30 Euro pass - so you really can't go wrong (you an also buy a four (4) day pass for just 20 Euro).

Some of the bands I'd like to go and see... Ozark Henry, Hooverphonic, 'Alors On Danse' Stromae, Jamie Cullum (looking forward to his 'Please don't stop the Music' Rihanna cover), De La Soul (yep, the successful US hip-hop band), DJ Grazzhoppa (by now a Brussels' resident :-), Ann 'Are Friends Electric' Pierle, K's Choice (the also known as the Bettens Family), Balthazar (eclectic mix of electronic music from Kortrijk / Tournai of all places !) - and even some artists for the few french speaking people in our capital city: Yelle, Raphael, ...

The first night (Friday, 12) of the city festival showed a very good organisation (and almost no rain). Only item to be improved: way too few trashbins, resulting in empty cans and bottles just about everywhere outside the stage areas. I hope they'll fix this before the second night !

Hooverphonic at 7:30pm on a Friday was a bit early, but by Ozark Henry at 9pm the crowd at "The Paleizenplein" was complete. Note that even without buying a ticket you have a good view on the stage and the videoscreens from just outside the official festival area - and the sound is just fine ! Plenty of cocktail bars and not-so-typical snackbars (cupcakes, spring rolls, ...) are available between the podiums at the Kunstberg and WarandePark - enjoy !

30 euro en de Vlamingen maar

30 euro en de Vlamingen maar belasting betalen zodat Brussel stad het aan events kan besteden . Zolang je maar waarde voor je belasting geld krijgt zullen we maar zwijgen zeker ?

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Hey Jan... If Brussels

Hey Jan... If Brussels becomes its own little country... Then all these Flemish people who come and work in Brussels will have to pay taxes in Brussels... That will be much more expensive than the 500m yearly settlement - of which only 60% would be paid by Flanders anyhow... So, my point: the Flemish people should do more than just visiting Brussels to work and make money. They should come and enjoy the cultural events, the many events, visit Brussels like they do Paris - and enjoy their tax Euros at work ! When are you visiting Me (Jonas) in Brussels ? This weekend: Belgian Beer Festival and Brussels historic F1 Grand Prix.

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Fridaynight August 19th at

Fridaynight August 19th at the festival... K's Choice started with one minute silence to remember the sad turn of events at Pukkelpop on Thursday... almost scary to have 3000+ people, no sounds, no lights, no nothing... one minute al of a sudden seems like a long time... Afterwards we went to Burlesque Star Performance at the Magic Mirror venue in the Warande park - a very diverse set of performers: some seasoned Burlesque performers with elaborate costumes, some real good talent... and some mishaps, like blonde "Christel"... Strange casting, entertaining show - you can go and see it one more time this evening (Saturday).

Here's Christel:

Christel Brussels Burlesque Star Show

Picture copyright by Olivier Lestoquoit, 2011.