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Filip Naudts' La clé du boudoir and other works...

Filip Naudts is one of my favorite Belgian Photographers - frequently appearing in a variety of magazines, and having published a few coffee table books. His latest collection and book is titled La clé du boudoir and includes this picture of Erika Van Tielen (not Erica Van Thielen or other variants :-).

Erika Van Tielen

It's true, Filip Naudts focuses on Belgian Celebreties when he takes pictures. But he does that in a thematic and very different way than everybody else... A recent collection was on a roadshow through some Belgian cities, titled La clé du boudoir. If you hurry, you might still catch it somewhere. If you miss this opportunity to see this collection of Filip Naudts' pictures on canvas, page through the samples at the guarda la fotografia website. It's certainly worth a few of your web-minutes !

Jürgen's picture

Talking about Erika Van Tielen...

For the second time in a row she won the "Girl We Would Like To See Nakes" award at the Humo Pop Poll 2011 - Take a look at the funny movie at the Humo Site: Erika Van Tielen Uit De Kleren.

More Erika pictures...

Want to see more of Erika ?

erika-van-tielen taking off her t-shirt

This picture and 29 more glamour pictures of Erika - Here !