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Belgian Day at the World Expo Shanghai [June 13th, 2010]

haibaoexpo pavillion shanghaibelgium pavillion shanghai china world expo 2010

The World Expo 2010, previously called World Fair, circus was hosted in Shanghai. "Better City, Better Life" has been a tag-line for the past years, while Shanghai upgraded its public infrastructure (new subway lines, much improved motorways, upgrading the taxi's, educating the residents on foreign cultures and building a vast and impressive site in the middle of the city). And Shanghai delivered - an impressive event, tens of millions of visitors from around the world, and an almost flawless organization.

I was fortunate to be able to visit the Expo on the "Belgian Day" - June 13th 2010. That was also the day of the Belgian elections, but still, Prince Philippe and a slew of Belgian politicians and celebreties attended the special events at the Expo. That included closing the Belgian pavillion for the public, and hosting a great party with free beers, Belgian food, concerts, etc. for about 500 invited guests. Lucky me !

My pictures taken on that day (yes, I took the opportunity to visit some of the other pavillions as well):

expo2010 shanghai collage