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Our home in McKinney Texas USA

Since May 2012 we are living again in the US - this time in Texas. Most certainly very different from the open spirits on the West Coast, and away from the Southern Hospitality in North Carolina. Click here to read more »

Our (ex) home in Raleigh North Carolina (USA)

From December 1999 through April 2006 we lived in Raleigh. First in an Archstone rental apartment (which pretty much resembled the kind of setting you will remember from Melrose Place: some 3 story apartment buildings grouped around a common pool area).

In January 2003 we moved in our own home - a new construction home in the Bentley-Ridge neighborhood - just outside the Raleigh Beltline.

Townhome Raleigh Click here to read more »

Our (ex) Penthouse in Antwerp (Belgium)

From May 2006 through June 2008 we lived downtown Antwerp, Belgium. We found a great penthouse apartment for rent, right outside the historic downtown area. It bordered the Groenplaats, one of the major event locations in the "city of A" as Antwerp is known in Belgium. For those of you visiting the city and looking for a great place to stay: at the other side of the square there is the Hilton Hotel.

Some pictures - first from the outside... Click here to read more »

Our contact details

Our address in McKinney
Hilde Verhaegen, Jonas & Jürgen Lison

1500 Carnoustie Drive

McKinney, TX 75070

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