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So now that you've read the official Steve Jobs

Apple logo Steve Jobs Steve-Jobs-By-Walter-Isaacson bio

On February 9th, the FBI released their background check report on Steve Jobs - commissioned by George Bush when he considered the Apple leader for a government assignment. And this reports reads a bit different than the Official Steve Jobs Biography. Want to learn a few new things about him ? Click here to read more »

Is January 10th too late for a New Year's resolution ?

run 20120110 nike+ Of course January 10th is not too late to set goals... so here goes mine... after completing my first run of 2012 today, I decided I needed to step it up - and complete at least one run of minimum 10km a week. Today's run was most certainly not stellar... even though it was powered by the sounds of "Clubbing With A Bush 10". Click here to read more »

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