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How to create an iTunes ID without a credit card...

We all know the problem... sometimes you want to setup a new iTunes account and you do not want to provide a credit card number. There are some legitimate uses for this...

- You are setting up a new Apple device, and you do not want to use your existing Apple ID. A good reason for that is that Apple sends iMessages and Facetime requests to every device using the same Apple ID. So if you have several devices (an iPhone, an Ipad, ...) and you do not want to see all your messages on all your devices, you need a second Apple ID

- You are setting up a new Apple device for a friend. It is impossible to do this without an Apple ID, but you do not want to use yours, and you do not want to call your friend for his/her credit card details. After all, this could be an Apple present.

There are also less legitimate reasons why you would like more than one Apple ID - and especially without credit cards attached...

- You will share an Apple ID with several people on several devices to each have access to the same bought media, apps, etc.

- You want to have access to Apps / Media available in another country than your own

Above are just a few reasons why you would like to create a new Apple ID, and not have a credit card attached to it.

Now... Apple does not make it easy to create a new Apple ID without giving up your Credit Card number and address... and there are good reasons for that. It avoids a lot of fraud, but it also makes the Apple User Database the LARGEST database in the world of unique users with their credit card information on file - which allows these users to make purchases in the Apple Store (music, movies, apps, books, ...) with a single click. Eat your heart out Amazon... Apple's database is much bigger and much more valuable...

So how do you go about this... follow the instructions below to the letter... feel free to leave comments / feedback / questions below. To do so, you need to register on this blog site, but for that you only need a name and an email address (and get through the Captcha process to prove that you are a human being).

So do NOT... try the instructions below with music or any other media : the instructions say App and I mean App...

What do you need... a valid email address you have access to, and an address and phone number in the country where you want to create the ID (i.e. the country in which you want to access the Apple Store and select the available content).

Ready ? Here we go...

  1. Go to the iTunes App Store. Sign out of any current Apple ID you might be logged on with. Make sure no login name appears anywhere - logout. No kidding : double check please that you do not start this process with your existing ID already logged in.
  2. In the App Store, select any Free App (i.e. FREE instead of any price)
  3. Tap INSTALL APP (or if you do this on a PC, click the FREE button)
  4. You will be prompted with the Login screen for iTunes App store. Click the link "Create New Apple ID"
  5. Confirm Your Country and Agree with Terms and Conditions
  6. Fill in your new email address (SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN USED WITH APPLE BEFORE) and select a Password
  7. Create and answer your secret question (remember the answers and the way you spell them)
  8. Select NONE for Payment Method (on the right hand side, next to the credit card logos)
  9. Fill in Billing Address - this is any valid address in the destination country. You also need a phone number. Don't have a local address ? No issue... use Google Maps to get you one.
  10. Submit application for new Apple ID. A verification email is being sent to the email address you provided.
  11. Login to your email account and wait for verification email - this should only take a minute
  12. When email arrive, verify your account by clicking on the link
  13. Login to the App Store with the new Apple ID and your password... And start downloading your free apps, music, books, ...

This procedure was tested in 2012, 2013 and 2014... still works as a charm. If you have any issues, improvements, comments, feedback, questions... please do use the form below.

Feel free to post a link to this article in other places / forums... any place where users want to create a free AppleID or iTunes login without giving up their credit card information.

Enjoy !