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CapitalOne 360: how to lose a 14 year long customer

In summary... [1] Instruct you customers to contact you through email, then never respond to their questions [2] Train your phone representatives to only assist with well defined transactions per their script and ignore all other customer questions, comments and remarks. [3] Advertise your corporate sponsorships - and make sure your customers can't reap any benefits of those. Well, that's how CapitalOne convinced me to cancel out my 14 year old accounts. Contrast this with: Marriott got it just right and delivered nicely on the same challenge ! Click here to read more »

More and more Belgian banks close their accounts and services for US Residents

Following Keytrade, Landbouwkrediet/Credit Agricole and some other smaller banks, now also BNP Paribas Fortis closed their services for Belgian Citizens living in the United States. Doesn't matter if you have Belgian Citizenship or not, if you do not live in Belgium (or more specifically if you are considered a US person which is defined as someone who needs to file a US Federal Tax Return) then you are no longer welcome as a customer of these banks. Doesn't matter how long you have been a customer. Doesn't matter how good or bad of a customer you have been. They do not want to serve you anymore. Click here to read more »

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