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The Jan Verheyen file: "Dossier K"

Dossier K is the follow-up to Erik Van Looy's De Zaak Alzheimer - but this time made by Jan Verheyen. The movie delivers on its promise of an action packed thriller - with an interesting plot line. Click here to read more »

Having a smooth dinner in Smoods

Smoods restaurant at Bloom
Smoods is a lounge and a restaurant - located in Brussels' trendy Bloom Hotel. Now, I can already hear what you are thinking... "A good dinner in a hotel restaurant ? Forget-about-it." and typically I would agree with you - but this is an exception. And a nice one ! Click here to read more »

40 years of Sesame Street... and Elmo !

Google Celebrates Elmo
Big celebration on Sesame Street these days... as the world celebrates the 40th birthday of these puppets and their fantastic show. My favorite ? Elmo. Always enthousiastic, always friendly and a bit naive. But sweet and always willing to help and cuddle. Click here to read more »

Hairglow ?!?

Alex - Hairglow
Well, yesterday evening we went to the "Late Night Concert" of Hairglow at the Ancienne Belgique (AB) in Brussels (More concert information on the AB website) - for sure not a value proposition... Tickets were 12 Euro (times two), there were seven (7) songs and well less than 50 minutes of music... So lesson learned: better buy the CD (just 8.99 Euro on iTunes). Click here to read more »

Nice new website/service: Passportstamp

Well, it's not a brand new idea - but this webservice is nicely implemented using the Drupal CMS. Check out PassportStamp and keep track of your personal travel record and the places you have visited.

When you complete the profile with the minimum amount of data, it will look something like this:

Enjoy !

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