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Having a smooth dinner in Smoods

Smoods restaurant at Bloom
Smoods is a lounge and a restaurant - located in Brussels' trendy Bloom Hotel. Now, I can already hear what you are thinking... "A good dinner in a hotel restaurant ? Forget-about-it." and typically I would agree with you - but this is an exception. And a nice one !

Plenty of cocktails are available when you visit the lounge - and of course as a start of your dining experience. You can pick the apetizers and entrees from one and the same list - the only difference is basically the size of the portion. The selection is limited to about 12 dishes if my memory serves me right - but there is plenty of variety, and the kitchen does a great job ! (there also is a 'special three-course menu' with additional menu items). Overall a nice experience - the music, the decor, the food, the cocktails, the service. And an exception to the rule that lounges and restaurants in trendy hotels are overpriced and inferior in quality. I'll be back !