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Brussels - Tips and Tricks

The best agenda site for Brussels ? Take a look at Uit In Brussels - another Drupal based site - for sure the best and most up to date list of activities.

Things to do in Brussels

Like walking ? Brussels is a great city to discover while taking a stroll. You can focus on architecture, history, or... do something really specific for Brussels and look at the larger than life painted cartoon characters and scenes... Walking Tours Overview

Brussels Greeters Network Like walking but hate walking alone ? Keep an eye on the Brussels Greeters Website, a new chapter of the worldwide Global Greeter Network. In a number of cities around the world, now also including Brussels, you can make an appointment with a local contact who will show you around the city (for free!) in a way only the locals can !

Plaizier is a unique store, close to the Brussels Grand Market place, where you can find one in a kind postcards, rare prints, calendars and agenda's, and many original picture prints.

Cinematek @ Bozar is a film-museum which constantly shows unique movies from long gone times, specials, thematic reviews, etc. Go down there to see a silent movie with live piano music - a unique experience for a small price. But: make you you reserve your seats upfront - the silent movies show in very small theaters (don't worry: the screen is still multiple times the size of your flat screen TV).

Looking for an exclusive place to have breakfast on a Sunday morning ? Try the Cote d'or store in Brussels (call ahead at +32 2 503 36 56).

Have no friends in Brussels, but still you prefer to have a cocktail in the kitchen, share a bottle of champagne in the bedroom or make s splash in the bathroom ? The Flat is a brand new place in Brussels with a unique concept - to be tried !

Waiting for the Brussels' version of the Delvaux City Guide - today unfortunately only available for Paris (March 2011), published by Borgerhoff & Lamberigts for about 26 Euro.

Looking for unique chocolate presents ? Drop by Le Comptoir de Mathilde - yes, the chocolates are actually produced in France, but they have very nice gift ideas (center of Brussels: 17 Rue au beurre / Boterstraat)