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Brussels' Zombie Day Parade

Each year the Belgian International Fantastic Film Festival organizes the Zombie Day Parade... a prime opportunity for Zombies and photograpers alike ! Click here to read more »

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) thru a Fisheye Lens!

Leaving Japan right now, I just missed the annual Cherry Blossom moment -as it has been unseasonably cold here in Tokyo. Visit this picture's gallery for a full explanation and "the meaning of"... Click here to read more »

Temps pour nous

Great composition - Inspired by Axelle Red's "Temps Pur Nous" lyrics. More about Axelle and the last concert I attended - a try-out in Antwerp. Click here to read more »

New Starbucks in Antwerp Central Station opened 24-02-2010

It finally happened... the first (non-airport) Starbucks opened in Belgium on February 24th 2010 in Antwerp ! Get your own Starbucks card.
If you have a better picture of this first Belgian Starbucks shop - let me know ! Click here to read more »

Different Perspective on Brussels Grand Market Place

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