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Jasmine Thompson's cover of Love Yourself (Justin Bieber original)

Though to admit, but I like Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" song - and I adore Jasmine Thompson's cover of this track. And the fact that even Justin's version (and his entire last album) sounds so much different... and he acts so much different... would that have anything to do with Hillsong ?

Jasmine Thompson has several great covers and has made the top-40 with a few of them - her version of Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan original) in the Remix Version of Felix Jaehn is just gorgeous

Here is her acoustic cover version:

And this is the delicious dance remix by genious Felix Jaehn:

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I love the song "Love

I love the song "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber! I used to always sing this song whenever I am down and depressed. I remind myself that there isn't any difficult situation in this world that I cannot get past if I only love myself. My sister also loves singing to this song. We used to sing it in the shower. Justin Bieber's CD is always playing in my car. My mom is also my inspiration for continually loving myself. As a "UK essay writer, I use this song of Bieber's as my inspiration to work hard, too!