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Two new cocktails for the holidays

Looking for some inspiration to fancy up your cocktail selection during the holiday period ? Look no further - here are two new mixed drinks with instructions... One based on strawberry, the other one featuring raspberries.

First... Raspberry Explosion...


For one cocktail you'll need...

2cl Chambord
2cl Triple Sec
4cl Citrus Vodka
4cl Cranberry/Raspberry juice
4 Ice cubes
5 Raspberries

Start with the raspberries, 2 ice cubes and citrus vodka in the shaker. Muddle the raspberries as fine as possible, next add the Chambord, Triple Sex and juice. Shake until the 2 ice cubes are melted. We use the Cranberry/Raspberry combination as this juice isn't sweet at all - and as such the cocktail isn't tasting too sweet.

Strain the cocktail into a martini glass, and garnish with a raspberry - add the 2 remaining cubes.

Second... Strawberry Breeze


For one cocktail you'll need...

1cl Fresh squeezed lime juice
2cl St. Germain
4cl Grey Goose Vodka
Fresca Citrus Soda (or similar)
3 Strawberries

Put the squeezed lime juice, 2 straberries and the vodka in a shaker, and muddle the strawberries. Add the St. Germain and ice, shake, and strain. Add some ice and garnish with a strawberry and some lime wedges. Top off with a splash of citrus soda.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions !

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