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Making Cockails

I like to make cocktails - and develop new recipies in the process. There are plenty of cocktail websites around, so I won't bug you with long lists of cocktails, their ingredients and how to make them. This page is a simple memoryaid for myself, and perhaps for you.

Simple Sugar Syrup Recipe

There are many variants, and all of them are just fine, but here is mine:

  • 750 ml of filtered water (i.e. no tab water)
  • 1kg of sugar - chose your sugar carefully, i.e. cane, regular, ...
  • 5ml of lime juice (neutralize the flavor)
  • 5ml of vodka (strong alcohol with neutral taste, easy way to avoid mold forming in the bottle, not needed if you will be using the syrup immediately)

Heat the water, pour the sugar while stirring, add the lime juice, bring the water to boil for just a few seconds, let the mixture cool down, and the vodka while the mixture is cooling down. All done.

Some home-made and tried cocktail recipes: