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Visiting Key West - Tips

A quick memory list of things to go and see and do in Key West, Florida. Surely one of my favorite vacation spots !

Take a Sunset Cruise...

Plenty of choice of charters when you walk around in the harbor (off Schooner Warf, walking distance from Duval Street) - avoid booking when strolling Duval Street or Mallory Square.

Watch the cat show at sunset at Mallory Square...

One of those strange traditions. But worth the $2 tip. Click here to read more »

Season's Greetings 2012-2013 - Wintertime in McKinney, TX

Season's Greetings 2012-2013

Wishing you all the best for the coming year 2013.
Enjoy the holidays !

To our big surprise... it snows in Dallas, TX ! On Christmas day we got about two inches worth of the white stuff - and as the temperature hardly reached the freezing point on Wednesday, the snow is pretty much all still here on Wednesday evening.

Enjoy some of the winter scene pictures from yesterday and today...
Christmas 2012 McKinney Christmas 2012 McKinney Backside Christmas 2012 McKinney - The Day After

Our home in McKinney Texas USA

Since May 2012 we are living again in the US - this time in Texas. Most certainly very different from the open spirits on the West Coast, and away from the Southern Hospitality in North Carolina. Click here to read more »

Our (ex) home in Raleigh North Carolina (USA)

From December 1999 through April 2006 we lived in Raleigh. First in an Archstone rental apartment (which pretty much resembled the kind of setting you will remember from Melrose Place: some 3 story apartment buildings grouped around a common pool area).

In January 2003 we moved in our own home - a new construction home in the Bentley-Ridge neighborhood - just outside the Raleigh Beltline.

Townhome Raleigh Click here to read more »

McKinney, TX voted #2 place to live by CNN's Money Magazine 2012

McKinney Best Place To Live

Well, looks like we moved to the right place... Our new hometown, McKinney Texas, was just listed as the 2nd best place to live in the US by Money Magazine - a CNN Publication. Read the Best Places To Live 2012 article or Click here to read more »

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