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A Dallas Visitor List 2014 (to be merged)


  • Watch a Dallas Stars NHL game
  • Watch a Maverick NBA Basketball game
  • Watch a Dallas Cowboys's NFL game
  • Watch a MBL game
  • And you'll need tickets: Stubhub

Other activities:

  • Public skating
  • Picture session (Picture People, JC Penny, Target, ...)
  • Dallas Arboretum Garden
  • Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards (and Billy Bob's, and the rodeo, ...)

New York Tips / To Do List

Lunch... @ Casa Lever (recommended: antipasti) - more at CasaLever.Com. Dining room in "Mad Men" style.

Never forget Central Park... the Zoo, the ice-skating ring in winter time, the Carousel, ...

Dinner @ Supper - more at SupperRestaurant.Com. Recommended : the mint pasta. Located in East Village. Click here to read more »

Visiting Key West - Tips

A quick memory list of things to go and see and do in Key West, Florida. Surely one of my favorite vacation spots !

Take a Sunset Cruise...

Plenty of choice of charters when you walk around in the harbor (off Schooner Warf, walking distance from Duval Street) - avoid booking when strolling Duval Street or Mallory Square.

Watch the cat show at sunset at Mallory Square...

One of those strange traditions. But worth the $2 tip. Click here to read more »

Visiting Texas FAQ

Planning to visit us in Dallas, Texas ? Take a look at the Q&A below to get your planning in high gear ! Click here to read more »

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