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Sex And The City 2 - Proximus Event @ Kinepolis

SATC 2 Sex And The City
The premiere of Sex And The City 2 was a good reason for Proximus to throw a party in Brussel's Kinepolis. And to be clear: the Proximus event guys and girls did a better job than the people making the movie. A bit unfair judgement, I agree, but I'll remember the event a bit longer than I will remember the movie. Proximus had dressed up the Kinepolis entrance and the entire stairwell, as well as the event room at the exit. Good looking boys and girls were hired to play some of the SATC2 types, hot girls showing off the latest fashion and real hunks ready to take you out. Plenty of picture opportunities, with readily available photographers, and everything executed in a professional way (I wouldn't like to see the bill :-). And of course there were the SATC2 gift bags - exactly three different ones - for all the Promimus guests attending the premire. The only down point ? The movie itself - more than two hours worth of product placement with the soundtrack as the most interesting part of the movie.

That soundtrack includes a cover version of "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)" - performed 'live' at the movie's wedding party by Liza Minnelli. Oh yes, there are some funny quotes and one-liners in the movie. But not exactly a great story line. So... take the movie for what it is: a good excuse for an evening-out (but remember: you'll have to stage the rest of the evening yourself :-).

Other weekend event ? We had dinner at Le Chalet Robinson - read my review at Google's Local Business listing. And now... off to China (Shanghai) - and visit the World Expo 2010 next weekend !