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The Drop... A "Belgian" movie in the US...


There aren't that many (US) movies with a Belgian director which get to play in regular US movie theaters... so when "The Drop" appeared on the agenda of the local movie complex I couldn't help it...

"The Drop" not only has a Belgian director, Michaël R. Roskam (Michaël Reynders), but also features a Belgian actor as one of the key cast members: Matthias Schoenaerts. Funny of course, because Matthias also played the lead role in Michael's earlier movie Bullhead / Rundskop.

The picture above is the sign above the theater room in which they played "The Drop" - and there were not a lot of other people there... and it was only the 4th week of the movie showing in US theaters.

the drop movie poster

The Drop was the last movie of Sopranos actor James Gandolfini (1961–2013).

My opinion... the movie is most definitely engaging and very nicely build up. But a bit slow to be really successful in the American Mainstream movie business. Solid performances by the key actors - which bring the main personalities to life... but again... a bit slow...

And now... we are waiting on the next movie directed by a Belgian guy... The Loft - a remake of the original movie "Loft" by Eric Van Looy. And yes... Matthias played in the original movie as well as in the American remake !