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Is January 10th too late for a New Year's resolution ?

run 20120110 nike+ Of course January 10th is not too late to set goals... so here goes mine... after completing my first run of 2012 today, I decided I needed to step it up - and complete at least one run of minimum 10km a week. Today's run was most certainly not stellar... even though it was powered by the sounds of "Clubbing With A Bush 10". Click here to read more »

Can you play a single guitar with five people ? Yes, you can !

Walk Of The Earth Yes, five people can play on a single guitar instrument, and even make a decent cover that way. Walk of the Earth remade Gotye's "Someone That I Used To Know" and is scoring be big YouTube hit with it... More than 3M views in just three days (January 5-8, 2012) makes for a nice YouTube check ! Click here to read more »

Do you know where your Euros are coming from ?

Euro Bank Notes

If tomorrow some countries are leaving the "Euro Monetary Union", how does that work in real life ? Does all the money on for example Greek bank accounts get converted to the old Greek Currency at a devaluated rate ? Do the Euro banknotes and coins issued by the countries leaving the Euro become worthless ? And if so, can you recognize Euro bills from say Greece, Italy, etc in your wallet ? Yes, you can identify which country has issued the bank notes in your wallet... Click here to read more »

Ozark Henry at AB [September 26th, 2011]

Ozark Henry AB Brussels 4mains

Cut away all the synths, guitars and other instruments, only keep the essential melodies and play them using two pianos and four hands... That's what Ozark Henry, alias Piet Goddaer, set out to do at Ozark Henry 4 Hands - September 26th, 2011 - Brussels, AB. But it ended up being a bit less exciting than expected. Click here to read more »

Rainbows over Brussels

Rainbows over Brussels Rainbow Sheraton Brussels

The Belgian Summer 2011 has not been very nice - to say the least. But the combination of plenty of rain with the occasional ray of sunshine does make for some great photo opportunities. The above pictures were taken on Sunday September 11th 2011, from the balcony of our apartment in downtown Brussels. Click the pictures to enlarge or Click here to read more »

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