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McKinney #6 on Best US Cities For Young Families to Live in 2016


Once again, McKinney makes the top #10 list of cities in the US for young families to live - based on the infrastructure, schools, crime, housing and other relevant statistics. The 2016 data was compiled by - as guidance for families relocating and looking for neighborhoods to live.

Top 10 cities to live

From the map (and the table) you can see that quite a few of the Dallas suburbs are making it to the list... Next to McKinney, there is also Frisco, Allen and Flower Mound - making the point very clear that Dallas, TX is a very desirable area to live from a quality of living point of view. That's of course next to being an excellent place to work (see also the CNN Money Magazine statistics listing McKinney as the number one place to live in the US, taking into account unemployment, taxes, cost of living, etc.).

The various metropolitan areas in the US are compared in another article from ApartmentList.Com : Best Metro Areas For Families 2016 - based on safety, housing cost, school quality and child friendliness.

Best-Cities-By-US Metro-2016
Top 10 US metros To Live

Quick personal note... it is great to see one of my prior live & work places also in the list above of the 10 best communities for families to live... San Ramon, California... unfortunately, one has to go very deep down the list to find another ex-home site of mine... Raleigh, North Carolina.

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