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Dallas Morning News recommends: visit Brussels !

What a surprise this weekend, when I noticed the Dallas Morning News (pretty much the largest newspaper here with 250,000 subscribers) recommended we all get on trip to Brussels - of all places. All the more strange as there are no direct flights from DFW to BRU - even worse, American Airlines doesn't even fly to Belgium any more at all. So what are the reasons why anyone should consider placing Brussels first on the places to visit list ?

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The pretty lenghty article (click here to see the online version, or download the PDF version) covers Brussels - and just a little bit of Belgium. It lists the experiences one should enjoy when visiting the capital of Europe...

Their top-10 reasons / things to do:

  1. Shop local - plenty of local non-multinational shops worthwhile visiting
  2. Find hidden treasures - antiques galore
  3. Go to the coolest kitchen store ever : Dille & Kamille
  4. Stand in line for frites - Belgian's most favorite food
  5. See flying sea turtles, pipes and apples - René Magritte as one of Belgian's most famous artists
  6. Drink lambic, bacteria-borne brew - one of Belgian's many beers to discover
  7. Buy chocolate - and eat it !
  8. Listen to jazz - at L’Archiduc
  9. Experience Beer-centric cuisine - like the Carbonnades Flamandes
  10. Sleep in style - at the Dominican

Want some more tips ? Check out my short list of unique Tips for Brussels.