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Axelle @ Arenbergschouwberg Antwerpen, January 13th 2010 [try-out concert]

Axelle Red
Yesterday evening was a special evening... Axelle was trying out her new show for a select audience in the small room of the Arenbergschouwberg in downtown Antwerp. How select ? Well, there were about 80 seats and only 70 people. The show was a mix of English, Spanish, French and even one Dutch song - and most of the songs had received a serious make-over. Click here to read more »

Wintertime [again] in Belgium

Wintercold ? Is Yahoo Mail sick ?

Yahoo Mail Error
Was it the winter temperaure, or was something else wrong @yahoo today ? I got a very strange error message ('error 1') when accessing my mail today - never seen it before and I hope I never get it again. Goodmorning... from snowy white Belgium !

[AP] Sherlock Holmes @ Metropolis Antwerp

Yesterday evening, P-Magazine hosted the Avant-Premiere of the Sherlock Holmes movie in Metropolis Antwerp. Guy Ritchie did a very nice job in picturing Watson and Holmes - and the setting & photography of the movie is just fantastic. An entertaining two hours with a star performance by Robert Downey Junior (remember the AD/AD boyfriend of Ally McBeal). For sure to be seen on a large screen with surround sound - as the action scenes are all over ! Click here to read more »

Natalia @ NYE Sportpaleis

Clouseau And Natalia @ Sportpaleis 2009-2010, originally uploaded by kiaproceedke.

Is it a dress ? Is it a glittery bathing suit ?

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