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Wanted: CD "De Laatste Plaat" Volume 2 (insert with Humo)

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HELP... I'm looking for the second volume of the cd-series "De Laatste Plaat" (volume 2) which was sold with the Flemish magazine Humo a few weeks ago. If you are not from Belgium, you can stop reading here... as this CD was only distributed in Belgium. If you (think you might) have this CD, please read on - I need you !

I have Volume 1... but as I was traveling, I failed to get Volume 2. So please help... if you like, we can even exchange both CDs. These CD's have the live music played in the VRT TV Show "De Laatste Show" - and these are covers of classic Belgian hits played by today's popular artists.

The reason was this music was provided as an insert with Humo is simple... both the TV show and the music are produced by Woestijnvis (by Wouter).

So... drop me an email at jurgen_lison @ (remove the spaces before and after @) if you have the CD (or if you have at least the mp3 files) !

Thank you...

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Request fulfilled - Thank you

Request fulfilled - Thank you !

It took a bit longer than expected, but I am enjoying listening to the 2nd CD right now.