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Geert Hoste: no Nespresso for me !

geert hoste vulkaan During his Brussels' show Wednesday December 29th, Geert Hoste took about 10 minutes to bash Nespresso, the availability of the "capsules" and their customer service - ending this section of his show with the statement that anybody who wants a Nespresso machine can come and pick-up his. I wonder if this anti-Nespresso sketch will make it into the TV show which airs January 1st (een).

Geert's second and last show in Brussels, hosted in the great "Henry le Bœuf" room (see picture) at Bozar, was also his last performance of the 2010 review show "Vulkaan". A short version of the show (60 minutes, about half of the more than 120 minutes of his performance) will run on TV on January first. As usual, he focussed on some of the main political events of the past year, but noteworthy was his bashing of Nespresso, his dead-serious and driven speech about the issues in the church ending with "but they have to keep their hands of our kids, and the fact that our King's was only mentioned in passing... We definitely enjoyed the show, so if you did not get a chance to see it live, don't miss the one hour summary on TV !

yes juken it did make it to

yes juken it did make it to the tv-show ... and it indeed it took him quite a long time to tell his story ! i really thought there were more important / funny / interesting items in 2010 ....

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Yep, both moments (his rant

Yep, both moments (his rant about the Belgian Church and the Nespresso) made it into the TV version of the show... to my surprise ! And this year I managed to stay out of the eye of the camera :-)